In 1995 while researching the origins of the Lustron house, the producers made a startling discovery.  In a dusty cardboard box in an Ohio archive they found a cache of documents and transcripts from Congressional hearings.  Underlined passages and meticulous notes left a trail leading to a story that had been suppressed for nearly half a century.  For the next six years the producers interviewed dozens of people and researched archives across the United States in an effort to reveal the true story of Carl Strandlund and his Lustron.

Bill Kubota is a founding partner of KDN Videoworks in Detroit.  He has received numerous awards for television news producing and has earned the reputation as one of the Midwestís most respected television news producers and video photographers.  His work has appeared on such programs as NBC Dateline, ABC World News Tonight and PBS Frontline.  In 1988, Bill founded KDN Videoworks with the intention to produce documentary projects.  It took seven years to realize that dream but in 1995 Bill and KDN launched its first documentary project: Lustron.  Now with the success of KDN behind him, Bill is currently producing Most Honorable Son the story of the first Japanese-American war hero.

Ed Moore studied documentary film at the University of Michigan and journalism at West Virginia University.  Anything that makes a good story is fair game, but Edís real passion comes from new points of view as well as important yet overlooked people and ideas.  Ed has earned some awards, received a couple of grants, made a documentary for national PBS release and as a third-grader was invited to Jimmy Carterís inauguration (no kidding!), but his drive continues to be making documentaries wherever compelling stories rear their head.

Ed originally hails from the mountains of Almost Heaven West Virginia.  And when he starts pining for the hills, youíll find him with his wife, Manuela, in her hometown next to the Italian Alps.

Bill Ferehawk is a graduate of the Yale School of Architecture and the University of California, Berkeley.  He is a recipient of three Graham Foundation Grants and numerous awards for his work in documentary film.  Since 1989, Bill has studied process driven architecture, including extensive research and writing about American prefabricated and manufactured housing.  In 1992, he completed a study of the planning and architecture of contemporary American intentional communities.  His interest is to continue to produce documentary films about the post-war built environment.  Bill welcomes all inquiries where he can share his knowledge and passion in these areas.

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